Production process

How Tulip Tea is made

From tulip to Tulip Tea: an artisanal production process

Taking place in China, North Holland and Utrecht, a unique and artisanal production process precedes every flavourful pot of Tulip Tea. Multiple steps in the process ultimately allow the organic tulips from Beemster to be shaped into the natural and special Tulip Tea.

1. The tulips. In spring, between March and May, the tulip season transforms Dutch fields into seas of colour. The tulips we use for the Tulip Tea are from North Holland and are grown organically. This means the tulip bulbs are grown in natural, organic soil and no chemical pesticides are used. We harvest the flowers before they have stopped blooming to prepare them for drying.

The tulips are collected at our location in Utrecht, where we manually separate the flowers from their stalks and dry them. They are dried in such way, we can ensure their high quality, while maintaining the tulip’s scent, flavour and attractive appearance.

2. The tea. The tea is picked and dried in the south of China. We use green silver needle tea for the Tulip Tea – not merely because its healthy, but also due to its high malleability, allowing us to fold the tulip in in such a way that it unfolds neatly in your tea pot.

3. And finally, Tulip Tea. The last step in the process of producing Tulip Tea is the bundling of the dried tulip and the dried tea and drying them again. This causes the flower and the tea to form a tight ball. When this ball comes into contact with hot water, the tulip will unfold in a visually attractive spectacle.

Enjoy your Tulip Tea!