Tulip Tea
The organic tulips originate from this field in the "Noordoostpolder"
Each spring Holland’s colourful fields are spectaculare
Orange tulip
Pleased to meet you, I am the princess Irene tulip
And will unfold into your tea pot


Grown in the Netherlands, the organic tulip unfolds into a fragrant and beautiful flower in your tea pot. A visually attractive spectacle, it also gives your tea a delicious and unique flavour.

€ 2,95 per piece

Tulip blooming tea

But what makes Tulip Tea special?

Naturally, we don’t want your delicious pot of Tuliptea to contain any pesticides. This is why we use organic tulips. These tulips bloom in spring in the Netherlands, between March and the end of May. There

Holland's colourful fiels are spectaculare. It is a waste that all tulips are cut at the end of the season. Our goal is to save these beautiful flowers by making tea of them.

To make sure that the Tuliptea feels like a gift to everyone who gives or receives it, we’ve opted for festive packaging, developed in cooperation with packaging students of Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam, a school for media

Tuliptea contains no colouring, flavouring or aromatic agents. Its taste wholly derives from the green tea and the tulip. The combination of the two results in a uniquely warm, but fresh flavour. Exceptionally fragrant, it also

"A traditional Dutch product handcrafted into a unique experience for the senses!"

"A beautiful tea you simply love to serve – free from artificial colouring, flavouring or aromatic agents."

"Tulip Tea is a joy for the senses: it tastes wonderful, smells flowery and looks amazing."

Enthusiastic? Want to sell Tulip Tea or want to give it away as a promotional gift?

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